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Hello Folks,

I know it's been a few months since I've last posted an update here, but please know this has not been due to me becoming stagnant. So far this year, I have completed the recording, mixing, mastering, and release of my new album, WWIII:REFUSE/RESIST, featuring several talented artists I am lucky enough to call friends and including a cover song by the one and only Killing Joke - currently on a US tour with TOOL in support of their new album. In addition to releasing my own album, I was invited to audition for the celebrity judges on Season 14 of America's Got Talent. Although they chose not to air my audition (WTFAGT?!?), I had a great time meeting Terry Crews, working with the producer assigned to me, and having a little back and forth with the judges during my audition. Perhaps they will make the decision to air my audition on a future episode or invite me back to the show....either way, it was a blast!

Since returning from my AGT audition, I was also able to wrap up shooting my first professionally produced music video for the song, "Dirty, Rotten, Filthy (War Pig Reprise)." The video is currently in post production and scheduled to premiere 10/9/19 at Scout Bar, during my interview with Khris Harding and Joey Henningsen live on PunkStar-Radio ( I hope to see you there!

Finally, I have 2 show dates scheduled during the month of October. The first is 10/19/19 with DJ Illusion at Vollie Ray's (937 Dixie Farm Rd, Houston, Tx 77034) and the second is 10/26/19 with American Concrete, Three Left, and PigWeed at The Apocalypse Scarehouse (301 Pearlstone St, Buffalo, Texas 75831).

That being said, to accompany the new album I have updated the production value of my stage performances and created an official YouTube Channel for The Joshua Project (The Joshua Project Channel). Please be aware, as a result of distribution agreements signed at the time WWIII:REFUSE/RESIST became available to online platforms (ex.iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify, Tidal, etc.), several generated channels were generated for YouTube, which feature TJP music. The Joshua Project Channel however, features exclusive content will be the first place online to find the new music video, and will only expand  in content and its diversity going forward.  Subscribe today!


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