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Stay tuned for the latest news on The Joshua Project, including updates on the upcoming album, “WWIII:REFUSE/RESIST.”

UPDATE (1/26/19)

WWIII:RESIST will no longer be released as a separate EP, but rather the music will be released as part  of the full length album WWIII:REFUSE/RESIST. WWIII:REFUSE/RESIST will continue with the post apocalyptic saga of The Warrior and War Pig, as well as host of several other revolutionary characters. Prepare for an industrial musical experience like no other. The album is currently in post-production with Mike BBQ in Spring, Tx with a planned release date of 3/1/19. Additionally, the album is expected to be accompanied by the release of The Joshua Project's first professional music video. The video will be fore the song Dirty, Rotten, Filthy (War Pig Reprise), and will feature War Pig, along with a host of other characters, some of which you may have already become familiar. Stay Tuned! 2019 is expected to be a big year for The Joshua Project...

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