The Joshua Project is an industrial, performance art, musical experience, with hard hitting electronic beats along the lines of Ministry, Skinny Puppy, or CombiChrist supported by an intense on-stage theatrical production that never lets up. 

TJP's freshman effort (428) was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike BBQ of Dethkultur BBQ at Big Door Studios, Houston, Texas and released early 2008 under Joshua's private label "School Money Records.” He went dormant shortly after it’s release and returned with a more aggressive electronic sound in 2015, leading up to the release of “WWIII:REFUSE" in March 2018 and "WWIII:RESIST" scheduled for a spring 2019 release. Both albums are set to be recorded, mixed, and co-produced by Mike BBQ in Houston, Texas before being mastered by Peter Doell of AfterMaster Productions (Beverly Hills, CA). Peter, who is best known for his work with Miles Davis, Celene Dion, and Marilyn Manson, has already worked his magic on REFUSE and is expected to have his hands on RESIST by October of 2018. With the release of WWIII:REFUSE complete, and the majority of WWIII:RESIST recorded and mixed, a national tour is in the works, as Joshua hopes to bring the sights and sounds of The Joshua Project to the rest of the US.

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